We are a family-owned company, established by Teresa and Andrzej Hipsz, which specializes in frozen fruit and vegetables. Our company continues the forty-year tradition of food processing industry in Rydzyna. We have a strong and well-established position on the European market of frozen products. Years of experience and honesty in business have made us a good partner for customers from many different countries. We specialize in delivering frozen fruit and vegetables to the food industry and distributors of frozen food. Each year we produce 10,000 tonnes of frozen fruit and vegetables making every effort to meet our customers’ individual requirements. It is possible thanks to good cooperation with fruit and vegetables suppliers, modern technological facilities, experienced personnel and efficient management. Among our leading products are pitted sour cherries, strawberries, onion, leek, tomatoes and many other fruits and vegetables. The company’s personnel consists of 80 highly experienced and professional employees. In season, the number of employees increases up to 150 people.

As the quality and food safety are of the utmost importance to us, we apply the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points HACCP standards and the International Food Standard IFS Food procedures in our company. Thanks to the healthy environment in which our fruit and vegetables grow and the convenient location of our cold store in an agricultural region of Poland, we can offer healthy products of high nutritious value. Their quality is constantly monitored by the company’s quality inspection team and the external accredited laboratories. The IFS Food and Kosher Certificates that we have been awarded confirm our care of customer’s satisfaction as well as the quality and safety of food products.